ISD - The International School of Dakar

International School of Dakar

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ISD is a diverse community of learners that fosters creativity, open-mindedness, responsibility and excellence.  As an IB World School, ISD promotes student achievement and global citizenship.


A well-rounded and rigorous program of academics, arts and athletics builds a foundation for life-long learning and fulfillment.  A collaborative culture enhances individual development and effective communication.  Inspired teaching leads to personal accomplishment and growth.  A successful learner has the courage to tackle complex problems and be of service to others.  Creative opportunities encourage students to become responsible leaders and to discover their talents and passions.


International School of Dakar students should …

  1. Be well rounded in all aspects of education: academic, artistic, sports, and service.
  2. Discover their talents and passions.
  3. Be responsible leaders in a complex and changing world.

Goal 1: Students fully develop and utilize social and emotional skills.

Goal 2: Students create and perform complex works in the visual, musical, and dramatic arts.

Goal 3: Students succeed in the International Baccalaureate Program.

Goal 4: Students explore, identify, and develop their talents and passions.

Goal 5: Students acquire responsible leadership competencies.

Goal 6: Students apply responsible leadership competencies to complex issues.

Adopted: October 2, 2014