ISD - The International School of Dakar

Technology Overview

ISTE National Technology Standards act as our guidelines as we plan, communicate, create, research, and think critically with technology.

The ISD Technology Department supports the use of technology by providing the following:

  • Comprehensive and rapid technology support for students and teachers
  • Leadership and guidance in the thoughtful use of technology with a commitment to constantly improving the way we work and learn
  • Access to a range of technology
  • Reliable and up-to-date systems
  • Systems that promote communications and transparency
  • Training opportunities that promote ethical and effective use of technology

Student Learning

ISD follows the ISTE National Standards for technology. These standards can be found at ISTE's Web Site. All students follow the Computer Use Rules found in their handbooks.
We seek to meet or exceed these standards through a series of technology courses and by integrating technology into coursework.

Elementary School

Elementary students attend computer classes in ISD’s Elementary Computer Lab. These classes are meant to develop student computer skills. Teachers also integrate computers into instruction using laptop carts, iPads, and classroom computers. Grade 4 and 5 are issued chromebooks to be used in class as the teacher wishes. These devices are not to go home.

Middle School

All Middle School Students are issued a Chromebook for use with their classes. They also take a series of technology classes in addition to the technology already integrated in their classes. The technology courses are meant to broaden their definition and deepen their understanding of technology.

High School

All High School students are issued a Chromebook for use with their classes. In addition to using these devices regularly in their classes, students take a mandatory 9th grade Digital Citizen’s class and then have the option of taking several technology-related electives.

Technology are available at ISD:

  • 1:1 laptop program for grades 4-12
  • Mobile computer carts are available on demand
  • A cart of iPads is used in the Elementary School
  • Computer Labs in Elementary and Upper School (22 iMacs in ES and 20 in US)
  • Four classroom computers in grades one to three
  • Technology Integration Specialist for Upper School and for Elementary
  • Multimedia components in all teaching areas
  • Schoolwide Design Center / MakerSpace
  • Extensive software and online database resources
  • Digital cameras and voice recorders
  • Online grades for grade 6-12
  • Google Apps for Education for grades 2 -12