ISD - The International School of Dakar

2014 - 2015 Tuition & Fees

Application Fees

  • Application Fee for new student: $100
  • Re-enrollment Fee (if child previously attended to ISD): $35

Capital Development and Technology Fees

  • Capital Development Fee (new students Grades K-12): $5,000
  • Capital Development Fee (returning students Grades K-12): $1,000
  • Technology Fee (PK4 to Grade 12): $500

Annual Tuition

  • Preschool 3 and 4: $6,140
  • Grades K to 5: $17,240
  • Grades 6 to 8: $18,7 90
  • Grades 9 to 12: $21,650
Tuition and Fees 2014-2015   Download PDF file

Returning Student Deposit

  1. Students who intend to re-enroll at ISD for the 2014-2015 school year must pay a Returning Student Deposit of US $500 by May 1, 2014 to hold a place at ISD.
  2. Students for whom the payment is made after the deadline will forfeit all registration priority and thus be considered a new applicant. Since places are determined on a first-come, first-served basis, students for whom payment is not made by May 1, 2014 may be put on a waiting list.
  3. The Returning Student Deposit is considered an advance payment against tuition and will be deducted from the following year’s invoice. The Returning Student Deposit is fully refundable up to June 1, 2014. After June 1, 2014, this fee is non-refundable.

Fee Payment Guidelines

  1. ISD tuition is set in US dollars. Payment in US dollars by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to ISD’s bank in the US or by a US dollar check is preferred. Payment in CFA will be accepted, based upon an established exchange rate (available at the ISD Business Office). For those wishing to pay in CFA, the exchange rate applicable until the payment deadline will be set (by our bank) on the Monday of each week.
  2. The payer is responsible for any collection charges or bank fees due as a result of a transfer and will be billed for any such fees that result in the reduction in the amount paid when compared to the amount due to ISD.
  3. The enrollment of a student is a private contract between the parent and ISD. Regardless of any arrangement the parent may have with an employer concerning the payment of school fees, the parent remains responsible for the payment of all fees.
  4. Following ISD's Board-approved tuition policy, we do not pro-rate any part of a trimester. Full trimester tuition must be paid for any trimester partially attended.  
  5. Unfortunately, students whose tuition has not been paid by the due date will not be allowed to attend school. In addition, no student will be allowed to attend ISD until any outstanding balance due from the previous year is paid in full. Payment is in arrears within 14 days after due date. Late fees are assessed at the rate of 1.5% per month on the accumulated outstanding balance for the number of days past due. Payment is presumed to be in arrears unless acceptable proof of payment(s) is provided by the parent to the ISD Business Office.
  6. Late payments paid in CFA will be billed at the higher of either the rate applicable at the time of the deadline or the rate in use at the actual date of payment. Late payment fees will apply using the same rate. Signing ISD’s Enrollment Contract commits parents to using the established rate.
  7. All school records will be held until full payment is received.No official school communications or records will be issued to the student or parent nor sent to other schools or educational organizations, until all fees are paid.

Fee Payment Schedule

  1. For the 2013-2014 school year, grade level tuition fees may be made in 1, 2, or 3 installments. All Capital Development, Technology, and Application Fees are due in full upon acceptance.
  2. Upon acceptance to ISD, parents must sign ISD’s Enrollment Contract and return it to the ISD Business Office. Upon receipt, the ISD Business Office will create an invoice and send back to parents.
Enrollment Contract Download PDF file
Installment Schedule 2014-2015 Download PDF file

Electronic Funds Transfer Information (US Dollars)

Download PDF file
Electronic Funds Transfer Information (Senegalese CFA) Download PDF file

Tuition Refund Guidelines

  1. As stated above, following ISD's Board-approved policy regarding tuition reimbursement, we do not pro-rate any part of a trimester. Full trimester tuition must be paid for any trimester partially attended. In case of withdrawal of a student during the school year, a tuition refund is calculated as outlined below. This refund policy only applies when tuition fees are paid in advance for the full academic year. 
    • During the first trimester: 67% of yearly tuition
    • During the second trimester: 33% of yearly tuition
    • During the third trimester:  no refund
  2. To be refunded, parents should send a letter to the ISD Business Office requesting a refund. Please include bank information indicating where the refund is to be sent. A refund is only made by EFT or by check. Payments by installment are not entitled to a refund.

Susan Kusiima
Admissions Coordinator

T: +221 - 33 825 0871 / 860 2332
F: +221 - 33 860 8523