ISD - The International School of Dakar


ISD students come from more than 50 countries and all six inhabited continents. Every classroom is a rainbow of diversity!

There are two sections of each class from PK4 through Grade 12. Class sizes average 16 in the Elementary and Middle School and 13 in the High School. Smaller class size is a strength for our students, as instruction can be differentiated and there is much opportunity for individual attention from teachers.

Beyond activities in the classrooms, students at ISD are busily involved in many after school activities including sports, choir, clubs, drama, arts and crafts, and student council.

ISD students are very welcoming, and a new student coming into a class is always a big event. ISD students tend to have traveled frequently growing up and they know what is like to be the ‘new kid’. ‘New Kids’ at ISD very quickly become ‘old friends’ and a part of the ISD family.