ISD - The International School of Dakar

Curriculum Overview

The International School of Dakar offers a standards-based PK - 12 curriculum that blends rigorous college-preparatory learning with global awareness and citizenry. Embedded in our grade-level teaching is an emphasis on global issues and diverse perspectives. In addition, we strive to include relevant and meaningful links to local Senegalese traditions and culture. Service learning is an integral part of the ISD experience, as well as opportunities to highlight our CORE values (creativity, open-mindedness, responsibility and excellence).

ISD standards and benchmarks are consistent with international school norms worldwide, and learning targets have been selected from those in the United States and international sources. These documents provide ISD with a coherent framework for learning and ensure that our transient students are prepared for subsequent schooling. All subject areas are aligned to clearly-articulated learning goals, and units of study are written using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework. The UbD model offers a three-stage design process that allows teachers to connect benchmarks with assessments while emphasizing student understanding of big ideas and enduring understandings. A primary goal of UbD is the students’ transfer of learning across disciplines.

Students at ISD experience a wide range of learning experiences, including opportunities to grow in core ​academic ​subject areas, t​he ​arts, technology, modern languages and physical education. As an IBO World School, ​ISD graduates are offered a preparation for life-long learning based on the highest global standards and the best-practices of international schools world-wide.

We invite you to further explore our curriculum by browsing our various subject areas, school division pages and linked curricular documents.