ISD - The International School of Dakar

Visual Arts


The ISD Visual Arts curriculum aims to prepare students for lifelong intelligent interactions with various forms of art by providing authentic and diverse experiences that reflect, celebrate and transcend the diversity of our student population. Interpreting, creating and enjoying art are life-long skills; students are given opportunities to develop interests and abilities that will, in turn, guide artistic pursuits and preferences in years to come. Art educates and inspires: it increases cognitive development and critical thinking skills while offering opportunities for students to express ideas and emotions in creative ways.

Guiding Principles:

We believe that effective art teaching and learning is:

  • relevant, reflective of students’ personal lives and interests,
  • engaging, providing opportunities for exploration and discovery,
  • coherent, connecting to previous and future art instruction,
  • creative, encouraging personal expression and improvisation,
  • open-minded, allowing for multiple interpretations and preferences,
  • holistic, connecting artistic elements to other disciplines, cultures and societies,
  • inspirational, empowering the artist in everyone.

Essential Questions

  • What is art?
  • What does art look like?
  • How are line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space organized to make art?
  • How does art promote creativity?
  • How can we evaluate and interpret art?
  • How are personal preferences for music determined?
  • How has art developed over time? How does it continue to develop?
  • What can art tell us about a culture or a society?
  • What is art’s place in relation to other disciplines, and in the world?