ISD - The International School of Dakar

English Language Learners


ISD offers a sheltered immersion program for English Language Learners. All non-native English background students receive their instruction in English medium academic classrooms. Language learning is a collaborative and social process and acquired through meaningful and relevant interaction. It takes place most effectively where the context is authentic and meaningful, i.e. in the mainstream classroom.  

Students not meeting the English language entrance criteria receive English language support so that they are not submerged by the demands of the mainstream curriculum.  ISD embraces inclusion and equity with this sheltered immersion program for English language learners. We focus our attention on expanding students' academic language by building on the inherent resources of English language learners and accentuating the positive efforts of educators.


The ELL Program aims to:

  • prepare non-native English background students to function successfully in classrooms where English is the medium of instruction for all subject areas.
  • collaborate with classroom teachers to assist English Language Learners in language development.  Scaffolding is used to meet student needs. Students who are unable to complete instructional tasks independently require assistance through the use of temporary support mechanisms implemented by teachers.  
  • raise awareness for the maintenance and promotion of English Language Learners’ native languages in community contexts.  Students with a solid foundation in their mother tongue are more likely to be successful in their new language.
  • promote the fact that knowledge of more than one language and culture is advantageous for all students.

ESL-ELL Program Handbook

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