ISD - The International School of Dakar

Learning Support


ISD believes that all children have the right to progress intellectually, emotionally and socially while maintaining a sense of dignity and developing a positive self-concept. We recognize that its students have varied backgrounds, interests and individual learning differences. To that end, the Learning Resource Program is designed to provide academic and social/emotional support while encouraging independent learning behaviors. Our student support is designed to increase the academic success and emotional well being of all ISD students.


The Learning Support Program aims to:

  • remediate literacy and math weaknesses in younger learners to function successfully in mainstream classrooms,
  • provide strategy and skills instruction to older students with learning differences to increase their ability to develop efficient and effective learning behaviors and routines,
  • create and manage IEPs (Individual Education Plans) that provide an instructional roadmap for teacher and student,
  • collaborate with classroom teachers to assist students with learning differences and needs through differentiation strategies and scaffolds,
  • provide advice and resources for teachers to successfully meet diverse needs in their classrooms.