ISD - The International School of Dakar

High School - Week Without Walls

Every year, usually in late January, the entire high school program moves outdoors as students participate in Explore Senegal.  There are four primary reasons for these trips:

  • To learn more about our host country through hands-on activities.
  • To understand and appreciate the importance of field experience; to take a subject studied in a classroom and put that knowledge to the test in a real-life experience.
  • To work closely with peers and teachers outside of the classroom to enhance team-building skills and to work together as a community for the good of the group. Being away from home also helps instill confidence and a sense of independence.
  • To work with a local community and to contribute in a positive way to the betterment of that community. 

These are all week-long trips and are planned by teachers and administrators.  Student safety is the top priority in planning these trips, and parents and students are given information far in advance in order to prepare for these trips.