ISD - The International School of Dakar

High School - Technology

Overview of Technology in Grades 9-12

High School Students are issued a school device in grade 9. This device is used throughout their high school career to access information, communicate, and create content for their classes. The use of the school device varies based on the teacher and the specific learning activity. Students are expected to bring the devices to school fully charged and report technical problems to the Technology Department.
See 1:1 letter of agreement.

These devices are covered by an accidental breakage warranty; any damage that is part of normal use or accidental damage will be covered by the warranty. In the event that a tablet is lost, stolen, or broken through negligence, the student and family will be responsible for replacement ($1550USD for laptops or $750 for 9th Grade Tablets) or repair. To see an overview of these costs, visit this link.

In addition to integrating these devices into daily classes, ISD offers a variety of Technology courses.

9th Grade Digital Citizenship

The course is required for all 9th grade students. The main goal of this class is to set students up to be responsible and effective users of their school devices.

Some topics covered are:

  • Respect and care for their peers, teachers, and equipment.
  • Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology.
  • Take personal responsibility for lifelong learning.
  • Create and generate new ideas.
  • Think deeply about technology.
  • To see more go to this link

Design and Technology

This class looks at tools and materials used in creation of products.  Students will learn about the design cycle then use CAD to design a product. Students will be exposed to wood, plastics and metals use in products. Students will design and make their own products.

Digital Arts and Yearbook

Creating and publishing digital art including animation, film, and graphics. Culminates in the creation of school Yearbook.

Technology in Society (not offered in 2013-14)

The goal of this class is to lay the foundations for success in IB Computer Science. Students will study databases and be introduced to concepts and terms needed in IB Computer Science. Students will look at technology and how people interact with it in their lives.