ISD - The International School of Dakar

Middle School Advisory

ISD’s middle school advisory program provides all students with daily contact with an adult who can provide guidance and serve as an advisor, advocate and coach throughout the year. The advisory curriculum has been developed taking into consideration the developmental and social issues that often arise during the ages of 11-14.

Advisory time is built into the schedule, and all students have 20 minutes a day for advisory. Three days a week, students work with their assigned advisory group and teacher to explore and discuss themes pertinent to their age and grade. One day a week during advisory time, the entire middle school comes together for a Community Meeting, and the agenda and running of this meeting are the responsibility of the MS Student Council. The fifth day is reserved for House activities. 

All students in the middle school are assigned to a House, which consists of a small group of students in Grades 6-8. House groups enhance a sense of Middle School community and allow students to work with others in different grades and classes.