ISD - The International School of Dakar

Middle School - Technology

Overview of Technology in Middle School

Students will use technology responsibly and ethically through the thoughtful integration into their core classes, and in a series of technology courses.

6th Grade Technology: Communication and Logic

Essential Question:
How does technology affect communication?

Develop Skills in:
Presentation Skills and Tools for academic success
Effective electronic communication
Analyzing media
2 and 3D Representation of objects
Using logic to understand basic concepts of programming
Basic electrical circuits

7th Grade Technology: Tools and Materials

Essential Question:
What effects do materials have on us?

Develop Skills in:
Use technology such as Excel to compare and test materials
3D Modeling and printing
Develop basic understanding of types, properties and uses of different materials
Develop understanding of basic fastening techniques
Develop skills in the safe use of tools

8th Grade Technology: Makers

Essential Question:
What effects can technological solutions have on humans and planet?

Develop Skills in:
Design Cycle
Electronics- what is it and how do basic circuits work in products
Computer concepts and programming (Input, output, basic programming)
Use Technology to solve a problem
Critical look at how media is used to sell us ideas and products.