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College Information - Information for Students

Senior year is an extremely busy one and college applications are a major reason for seniors feeling stressed. If you plan well, communicate often with your parents and your counselor, and use resources wisely, you can survive and do well. However, if you procrastinate, push deadlines, and don’t plan well, you will reduce your chances at competitive schools and also drive the adults around you nuts! Be proactive, go to college sessions held at school, talk to your parents and get them to attend, too.

The world is literally at your fingertips via the internet. Start early in checking out schools. Learn about the majors they have available, the types of activities they have. Keeping your interests in mind, focus on the things that are important to you. Ask yourself what you want to do, what you’d like to learn about, and what is important to you: there is no point going to a school that doesn’t have an architecture program if you want to be an architect. Do your research. Do you want to be warm all year round, near ‘home’, near your relatives, near the sea, near skiing, near a big city? What is important to YOU.

An editorial note: ISD is a very small school and any place you go is going to seem ‘big’. Even at a small college of 1000 students, you’ll have 250 classmates, 20 times more than here! It is often recommended that international school students look at small liberal arts schools with a relatively high percentage of international students. Big schools, schools with 25,000 kids or more, can be very tough places for international school graduates – the culture shock can be devastating when it feels as if, suddenly, nobody cares about what you are doing.

Finally, this is your choice and your future. Pick the school that is right for YOU, even if it may not be your parents’ dream school. You may have to convince them that school X is better than school Y, but that is part of the learning process – learning to argue and defend your beliefs and choices.