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Internet Safety

Internet Safety and Use Information for Parents

Internet and electronic communication are a part of many children’s lives.  Internet resources allow for easy sharing of text, video, images and sound. While these resources offer huge opportunities to learn and share with others, they also come with a risk. The best ways to minimize these risks are to educate yourself about the tools and resources that your child is using and to talk with your children about what they are doing online.

Here at ISD, we work extensively with children to educate them to:

  • Not share sensitive personal information on the Internet
  • Seek out an adult immediately if you receive or see things that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe
  • Act in kind and responsible ways (this includes education on Cyberbullying)

Further details about ISD guidelines for electronic media can be found in ISD’s Student Handbook (Use of Electronic Media).

For parents, we recommend talking to your children about what they are doing online, and educating yourself about the online resources that they use. Here are a few resources that you may find useful.
Student online safety: Meant for young people, but great for parent and teachers too.

Parent Guide by The Guardian. This also has links to many resources.

10 Things You Can Teach Kids About On-Line Safety.

In addition, our Elementary computer teacher recommends these resources for Elementary aged children
For kids to learn how to be safe online.

Advice and links for parents and kids.

Please contact if you have any questions.