ISD - The International School of Dakar


Kindergarteners long to learn about the world around them. Their curiosity is contagious; they can’t wait to explore, discover, and question. Our teachers encourage such inquiry every day, helping youngsters learn what school is all about while embracing their individual interests and discoveries.

ISD’s language-rich kindergarten classrooms are places where students and teachers work together in communities of learning. Literacy extends across the day, providing our diverse student population with multiple opportunities for sharing and growing together.

Students are encouraged to cooperate, create, connect, reflect and make meaning in a trusting environment. Classrooms of learners work together and in small groups to develop social skills and cooperative work habits. Lessons are tailored to embrace different learning styles and aptitudes and use developmentally appropriate and engaging instructional materials and techniques.

ISD offers a full-day kindergarten program beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 3:20 PM. Included in each day is time for early literacy and mathematics activities, story time, social studies or scientific exploration, snack, recess and lunch.

Throughout the week, kindergarteners visit the library to check out books, participate in music and art classes, explore movement and physical education through games, and learn beginning digital literacy skills. Kindergarteners receive 45 minutes of daily, leveled French instruction.

Please click on the program guide to learn more about our kindergarten program.

Grade K Curricular Framework


Trimester One

Trimester Two

Trimester Three


Foundational Skills & Phonics

Guided Reading

Writer’s Workshop: Launch

Guided Reading

Writer’s Workshop: Authors as Mentors

Guided Reading

Writer’s Workshop: Fairy Tales


Everyday Mathematics Kindergarten Program

Social Studies

Myself & My Family
Individuality & Personal History
Global Citizenship


My World Around Me
The Park - Storypath
Ecology & Environmental Science
Community-based Problem Solving

Senegal Focus


Wood Carving - Artisans

Green Spaces


Life/Earth Science

 Wood & Paper
Physical Science

Environmental Science